Where, oh where shall we put the candles???

My Best Friend will be 40 this weekend, so naturally we’re having a big party.  Lots of margaritas.  And other liquor.  And beer.  Lots of beer. I’m not a beer drinker and neither is my BFF, but our men are.  I much prefer the rum and tequila, takes much less (for me) and is twice as much fun!  Margaritas! Pineapple juice and coconut rum!  Rum and Raspberry lemonade with a shot of gingerale!  Is it 5 o’clock somewhere??? ‘Cause now, I need a drink!

We’re in the planning stages and naturally we are talking about what flavors of jello shots we’ll make.  I am the Jello Shot QUEEN! Usually I make  50-100 and those go pretty fast…they’re so small, and delicious, and easy to drink/slurp/eat and pretty soon, all have disappeared.  It’s possible the amount I make don’t make it outside to the party….It IS my responsibility to make sure they taste good.  Don’t judge.

The next question was about a birthday cake….yes or no?

Well, since there’s the small definite possibility that someone will get to have their drinks twice, we were thinking no sweets…just doesn’t mix well with alcohol.

Here’s how the conversation goes…and remember ~ we haven’t been drinking AT ALL at this point:

Me:  If you don’t have a cake, I’ll have to find somewhere else to put the candles.  I can put small ones in the jello shots and you could just blow out a few, rather than 40!

BFF:  What if we get floating candles and put them in a big bowl of PJ (never heard of PJ?  It’s Awesome!  Find it here.) and then we could light them and I could blow ’em out.

Me:  Dead Silence.

BFF:  What, you there?  Heelllloooo?

Me:  Ummm, No!  I just don’t think it’s a good idea to LIGHT candles floating in a huge tub of alcohol.  Haven’t you been at my house when J’s eyebrows caught on fire from the Flaming Dr. Pepper’s?  REMEMBER!!!  NO FIRE AROUND ALCOHOL!

Only serve Flaming Dr. Pepper at night! Otherwise you can’t see the flame and it’s possible you’ll burn your eyebrows. But a good eyebrow pencil works wonders.

BFF: Duh!  Jello shots have alcohol!  You said you were gonna put candles in the jello shots.

Me:  Yes, but that’s Jello liquor!  It’s not flammable because it’s jello!

And then we started giggling….you know, the giggles where you end up snorting?  She’s at work and is trying to snort quietly. Doesn’t happen.  I’m not helping because I’m laughing so hard at the memory of J’s eyebrow catching on fire that I just about pee in my pants.

We never did decide how we are gonna display 40 candles at the party ~ I’m thinking I’ll hang them from the streamers ~ they’re fireproof, right?


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