It’s Sasha LIVE!


Well, if you’re hanging out on my Facebook page (you can find that right here), then you know I’m LIVE on there all the flippin time!

But….I had a thought (shocking…I know!)

Some of y’all aren’t on Facebook….so you have NO idea that I’m doing the whole LIVE thing every day and twice on Tuesdays!

So, I’m gonna post my Tuesday night Scattered Show Right Here in my blog for anyone that wants to watch…..hope you love it!


  1. Wonderful blog. Loving the style of your writing, and the way that you bring out your posts. Really love the theme that you have chosen for your blog, it really suits the message of the blog. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


  2. Love watching you and your show. You are very down to earth and people can connect with you easily!! Keep doing what you are doing. Your loved by many!!


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