Do NOT fall asleep on “Spa Day”

How to get a Makeover in 4 easy steps:

  1. Buy 9 year old a make up kit for her birthday.
  2. Suggest y’all have a ‘Spa Day’ while you lay on the couch.
  3. Fall asleep while 9 year old is brushing your hair.
  4. Wake up and behold the Make Up Part of ‘Spa Day’ that you didn’t agree to…..


Now, let me back up JUST a minute, and tell you HOW this all happened:

I had the BRILLIANT idea for Spa Day, because I was bone weary, tired to the core, and could barely hold my eyes open. I had beaten the bus home by about 10 minutes and knew there was no nap in my future. 

But WAIT! Spa Day could happen and maybe I could close my eyes for a few minutes while I had the sleep inducing hair brushing going on.  My girl LOVES to brush my hair and ‘fix’ it like a rock star (bless the hearts of rock stars everywhere that look like this…), with LOTS of clips and bows.

Well, I can tell you that it worked, because I was OUT. And by OUT, I mean so OUT that I didn’t even flinch when the make up arrived and the epic eye shadow colors were applied with enough precision to make Cover Girl proud.  

She shook my shoulder to wake me up, beaming with joy and excitement as she held the mirror up to show me what she had done.

Do you have ANY idea how hard it was NOT to gasp and jump off the couch when I caught a glimpse of the beauty in the mirror?  Really, you shouldn’t be faced with that kind of shock when you’re first waking up, not to mention having a mirror thrust in your face when you’re lying flat on your back at 4:30 in the afternoon. 

I sent a picture to my husband so he wouldn’t act too shocked when he walked through the door because lemme tell ya…Baby Girl was PROUD of  her work!!

He might not have been shocked, but he sure did laugh the MOMENT she was out of ear shot…..


Thanks for reading my words! You can find more of them on my facebook page here.  I always appreciate and read all your comments, so feel free to leave me a message. Cheers!


  1. What a blessing that little one is to your life! I am so excited to one day have grandchildren, especially grand daughters. I had 4 sons, so no spa days for me as of yet. Loving living vicariously thru your adventure!


  2. I laughed till I cried, lol. Since my hubby brushes my hair while I sit on a footstool and finger “brush” a dog (usually two dogs) nightly, I totally understand how conductive to sleep that brush is. Only a much loving parent or grandparent could actually wear the result of a budding makeup artist for all to see, lol. I use the word artist loosely……LOLOLOL


  3. Oh you were given a fantastic makeover only a grand daughter could give. This is a memory for your memory book, to save forever. Priceless!


  4. I loved this! What a memory! I laughed so hard when I saw the result. Good idea giving Mac a heads up. I have a brand new baby granddaughter – my first- and can’t wait for a spa day. I may hide the eyeshadow though! Lol!


  5. I love that you were so relaxed from Tate brushing your hair that you fell asleep. You were also one awesome person that didn’t jump when she saw what Tater did. I think with practice, she will get her own signature look for both of you. Glad you got your nap and so happy you are building memories – really happy you gave Mac the heads up or he would have been in the dog house!


    • Nancy ~ It’s so funny…some times, it really looks good. But she’s a heavy handed one on eye shadow 🙂 And yes, I don’t think he would have been able to control his face – ha!


  6. Yes, Mimi from Drew Carey was exactly what I thought too. And then I realized (exactly as you did) how important it was for Tater to feel like you loved her work. You’re a most wonderful Sasha.


  7. You look wonderful!
    Tater has talent!
    Wonderful memories you’re building 😉
    Now… since I don’t have a child around, my choices for a spa day would be my husband or dog … you know I think I will give the dog a go at it lol 😉


  8. Love it … my husband has let the grandkids do pretty much the same thing ..(.minus the makeup )… they brushed his hair , put in lots of bows …clips , etc ..also earrings, necklaces and bracelets. ..when he woke up and went to rUn h I s hand thru this hair , oh my !!!


  9. I immediately thought of MiMi on the Drew Carey show. Then I have to admit Sasha, I laughed so hard I wet myself. You go Tater girl…


  10. One person comes to mind when I see this,
    Mimi off of the Drew Carey show…
    Ok ok,I’m not laughing but it did make me snort a little!
    Your such a trooper..


    • De ~ I almost put Mimi as ‘How to get MImi Makeup in 4 easy steps’ but I was afraid all those youngins out there wouldn’t know who that was 🙂 But yes, that’s EXACTLY what it looked like. And really, all I was trying to do was take a nap… 😉


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