Lucy and Ethel are my friends…

Bat Wings.

Flying Squirrels.

Lucy and Ethel.

There are a LOT of names for the flappy part of my upper arms that jiggle, wave and damn near come undone each time I move my arm.

Years ago, I did not wear anything sleeveless because I was embarrassed by my Flying Bat Winged Squirrel arms. I practiced waving to someone far away without lifting my arm high enough ‘to swing’.  I made sure I didn’t move my arms too far away from my sides if I was carrying something.  Rather than toss the ball overhand, I’d always throw it underhanded, so no one would see flappy Lucy and Ethel.

Then I got over myself.Bat Wings quote

I PRACTICED WAVING for Pete’s Sake (and who the hell is Pete, anyway?). Now I wear sleeveless clothes ALL THE TIME. And I LOVE them. I love that my arms are free, no constricting little ‘cap’ sleeve (whose arm needs a ‘cap’??), and no passing over the summer sundresses and tops.

So, here are 10 reasons you should NOT worry about those upper arms:

  1. It’s cooler.  I don’t care HOW small or short the sleeve is, NO sleeve is cooler than SOME sleeve.
  2. No one REALLY cares what your upper arms look like.  
  3. Extra room for MORE glitter!
  4. It’s easier to put on more deodorant because we ALL need more deodorant some times.
  5. More to hug with.
  6. You can gain momentum if you get them moving fast enough.
  7. There are some REALLY cute tank tops and sundresses (and I want to wear them ALL!)
  8. People will laugh when you say you’ve named them. And you can laugh with them.
  9. What other people think doesn’t matter.
  10. What other people think doesn’t matter.  (Oh, did I say that twice? My bad…)

So, toss off those sleeves.  Throw those caps, short, 3/4 and long sleeves to the dirty clothes bin in the summer and rejoice in the fact that you will wear sleeveless anytime you want to because you LOVE your Lucy and Ethel arms and you wouldn’t have it any other way!



  1. You’re inspiring me to give it a try…at least at home. I’m a shirt sleeves girl in public. I dint want to scare the children. 😏


  2. I’ve never had the guts. Between the flapping and noise. Yes they make noise when hitting any other part of your body. Someday I’ll have the guts. For now I sweat like a pig. I wish I could be half as fabulous as you!


  3. I go sleeveless. My sister pointed out that only women look at your arms. Men look at boobs and butts. Also, sleeveless makes you seem younger because the majority of sleeveless wearers are under 50. The sister who gave me this advice doesn’t have the courage to go sleeveless.


  4. Love this!! Years ago I too said the heck with it! Hated the feeling of wet clothing under my arms. It was very liberating! I went around telling people how free I felt! It feels woo percent cooler and i also love that i can reapply some more Secret anytime anywhere! And if that isn’t the truth about people not noticing..and if they do I hope they say well heck if she can I can!! I love your personality and you bring such beautiful energy to all! Thank you Sasha!!


  5. I agree, I used to not wear sleeveless anything also, but this year I decided the hell with it. They are my arms, if you don’t like it don’t look. My name’s are Kate and Ziva. And sleeveless the better to show off my tattoos which are beautiful… I am with you 100% on this Sasha.. so let those batwings swing and enjoy the freedom of sleeveless….


  6. I embraced my Bat Girls years ago. I am now 58, still overweight, and no matter what people think, you can NOT hide the chunkiness. So, embrace it, no sleeves and all. PS….I have seriously thought of getting an American flag on one swinging flap, and the North Carolina state flag on the other……Wave those bad boys!!!!

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  7. Having watched your video this am, I called my dear friend of a lifetime, told her she was beautiful, the Bat Girls didn’t matter and I Loved her !! She and I are totally different people in almost everything but for 30+ years the differences have never mattered. She is my Friend 🙂

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  8. I know that I don’t have very good self esteem and being embarrassed by my upper arms just compounds the problem. As hot as it is in Texas (97*) I still wear sleeves.i know I need to work on more than not wearing sleeves but I’m 67 and I don’t see much progress being made to change things. But….I love your blog and I live vicarious through you Sasha.

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  9. Thanks Sasha. I’ve always been self-conscious about my bat wings. Think I’ll just toss all those ‘cap sleeves’ and such and go sleeveless thanks to you. I’ll let Lucy and Ethel enjoy themselves and be free. What do I care. If people don’t like what they see they can turn their heads. Thanks for enlightening me and for giving us a good laugh too. You are such a wonderful person. Keep on being fabulous!

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