I’ll Adult in a Minute….


I have a secret.

I like to hide in the shower.

Not like Jack’s in Three’s Company (who remembers….??) or Psycho. No, that would just be weird. And really scary and I don’t do scary because big, dark house and a traveling husband don’t mix well with scary, slasher movies.

jacks shower
Jack, Janet and Chrissy….everyone’s favorite room mates!

But when I step into that shower, close the curtain and let the too hot water cascade over my soon-to-be red skin, I don’t have to….do.

I don’t have to get dressed or put my face on.

I don’t have to go to a meeting.

I don’t have to make decisions, give out hopefully good answers and advice, or point anyone in the right direction.

I don’t have to navigate to somewhere I’d rather not be, fighting traffic, people or crazy rules.

I don’t have to wonder if the emails will be sent and be answered, with only good attitudes coming through instead of snarky ones.

I don’t have to think about dinner, laundry, dust or clean sheets.

I don’t have to juggle an already full calendar, squeezing in another birthday party, meeting, doctor’s appointment, or event.

I don’t have to dry tears from 3rd Grade drama, sign on the dotted line, check the box or send lunch money.

I don’t have to create grocery lists, to-do lists, don’t-do lists, or things I’m never gonna do-list.

As long as I’m in this shower, hiding behind a soothing, pale green leaf inspired, might need cleaning, and doesn’t match the walls shower curtain, with hot, hot water washing away my grown-upness, I don’t have to….

But in that split second I turn that knob to ‘off’, the world begs my attention.

And I have to adult.

So if you’re looking for me and I’m not easily found, whatever you do, and Especially if you hear the water running, do NOT look in the shower. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear my shower calling my name!


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  1. I know that a shower is my “me” time. No family to bug me, no phone calls, computers, kids arguing. I hate getting out facing the day as we all must but that time is precious enjoy it!


  2. You must be related to The Sweet Potato Queens. This would make us Sista’s for sure. I’m gonna share some Poop with you. Sitting on the toilet works too for escaping that overrated word Adult. Simply turn the exhaust fan on and presto, you can’t hear a thing. BTW, I agree with you 110% on not ever wanting to be Miss America or Mrs. America. Being a Sweet Potato Queen suits me perfectly. Hope to see you in the SPQ Parade with your to tightly fitted green gown, boobs hanging out and tiara. Honey we all love leaning over the float and saying “Hey y’all and bless your heart for being jealous”!


  3. I hear you on this one. I have all of those feeling myself. Leave me in the shower as long as the water is still semi warm no adult world in there. Yesterday was my birthday I tried to no adult all day but unfortunately I still had to go to work and be an adult. I hope you have a great day Sasha.


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