Tater’s Spa is a happenin’ place!!

Tonight while Mac was cooking dinner, Tater was treating me to a Spa Day.

Here’s the top 10 things you need to know for one of Tater’s Spa Days:

1. She gives pedicures and rubs lotion all over your legs and feet. If there is lotion left over, she rubs that on your arms. And her shirt.

2. She’ll pick out the nail polish color for you. Even if you pick out another color, she knows best.

3. She sings while she works. Which is even better than Snow White, because that chick just whistles.

4. You have 3 choices for make up styles. No matter how much she talks it up, DO NOT go with The Rock Star one. Trust me on this.


5. She’ll use a cotton ball to wipe powder off your eyelashes. It won’t work.

6. She speaks in a British accent the entire time.

7. She wants you to call her by her “Spa Lady” name. And she will tell you what to say in case you don’t quite understand how the ‘story goes’.

8. She really likes glitter.

Ooohhhh ~ glitter!!
Ooohhhh ~ glitter!!

9. She wants to use ALL the makeup in the bag.

10. If your eyes are closed and she starts rubbing your chin and neck, be prepared
because she has tweezers and is looking for something to pluck.

After she made me “beautiful”, she said MacDaddy was gonna be so surprised at dinner.

Oh mylanta...that's a lot of eye shadow ...
Oh mylanta…that’s a lot of eye shadow …

I was pretty surprised when I looked in the mirror, too!


Thanks for reading my stuff…if it makes you laugh, share it with your friends….You know they need to laugh, too….


  1. Enjoy it while you can. In about 4 or 5 years she’ll just be telling you how you’re applying it all wrong and don’t have any fashion and need to change before she “lets you” drive her somewhere!! #teengirlhormones


  2. You may have a future Academy Award Winning Makeup Artist or the future CEO of an international line of makeup here. Heck, Max Factor had to start somewhere!!! Looks like she had fun, and you’re a good trooper! 🙂


  3. Love these stories with you and Tater. I can relate with my granddaugters. My hair is short and they try to give me a mohawk. I lose most of my hair trying to get those little rubber bands out!


  4. Someday, she will know she didn’t have to make you beautiful, you already are! But give a girl a basket of make up and spa “stuff” and you will have a new enterprenuer getting set to open in a few years. 🙂 I’m going to have to ask my grand daughters for this service. Hmm. I could be beautiful too!!


  5. I am waiting on my littlest Grandest Girl to want to have Spa Day with me. I totally miss all the barretts in the basket in my hair and blue eyeshadow all around my eyes. You look smashing Sasha 😉


  6. Awesome. .. I’m sure that makeup session and spa treatment meant the world to her. You both will remember it always. And BTW you looked great 😊


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