If you don’t ask, you’ll never know…..

I never mind if the cashier at the grocery store is new…..I consider it on-the-job training and I’m sorta like the trainer.  ‘Cause I’m ALL about my groceries getting to my house in the same shape they were in on the store shelves.  In other words, DO NOT put the bread or potato chips in the bottom of the bag with the apples on top.

Now Harold’s FIRST day had to be today….he was very slow, and deliberate, and slightly confused.

But that’s OK.  I know how it is.  I gently suggested he put the bread to the side.  And to show he was listening, when he got to the BOXED donuts, he put them aside, too and said he knew I wouldn’t want to get THOSE crushed.  Oh wait…what?  Hmmmmm……

He said he liked my tattoo, and told me how he was learning how to be a tattoo artist.  That was fine ~ a little chit-chat is a good thing.

However, I didn’t really need to know that his first self tattoo was when he was 14 and his mentor said he had to do another one because that one wasn’t legal.  Huh?  I may have zoned out for a moment when that particular diatribe happened. 

You see, Harold was a talker.  And I like to talk as much as the next person.  But the 3 natives behind me were getting a little restless, especially the woman holding the shopping basket in one hand and the gallon of milk in the other.

But what REALLY told me Harold was BRAND new ~ to the cashier position, to a grocery store, to LIFE ~ was when he scanned my bag of Yellow Rice.  Because this is the conversation that happened:

Harold:  Is that Yellow Rice Stuff any good?

Me:  Well, I like it.

Harold:  Yeah, I didn’t know if it was to eat or what.

Me:  I’d go with “What” Harold, because you just never know…

Bless. His. Heart.

yellow rice
The kind of Yellow Rice you Eat


Thanks so much for reading what I write ~ and if you love it, read it to someone else, too.  You can even take credit for thinking up that idea 🙂  And I LOVE a comment and will almost always answer back…you know, unless it’s crazy or something.  And really, we’re all crazy so it’s all good.  Cheers!


  1. His Mom or sister works at a grocery store here in Michigan. I bought 6 pk. of Mike’s hard Lemonade one time and she asked me if the tried all the other flavors, and then told me all the stuff she drank and all the flavors. etc. How does she ever get to work??


  2. Oh yes, Harold is at my store too…………..only my Harold takes EVERY FREAKING THING I buy and says, hey, how do you use this. Is this good, what is this called. I never saw that. Do you buy this one often? And a running commentary on every single thing that he/she (you see Harold has a sister too) is packing in my grocery bags/ I feel badly but do everything I can to avoid checking out at the register where he is packing. 🙂


    • Cyn ~ YES!! Oh Lawd, I’m thinking..PLEASE let’s do this another day, and I’ll take you up and down the aisles and tell you what these foods taste like and how to cook them….but when I’m checking out, please, PLEASE just ring me up and let me go…BLESS them!


  3. oh…that generation is full of young people like that… and no matter how hard I work with them in the 1st grade.. they are still turning out this way!!


    • Jenni ~ Have MERCY you are so right! And yep….10 years from now, I’ll be channel flipping and see…Harold takes on food as decorations!! Dayum….


  4. Oh lawd……PLEASE tell which store to stay away from since I just might run into this “Harold” fellow! 🙂


    • Joy ~ Totally Agree he had no Sasha or Grandma to say….RICE ~ It’s what’s for dinner! And I’ll be looking for Harold next week…bless him


  5. Well….it definitely is a change from the cashiers that look like space cadets and talk only in monosyllables….he sounds a little creepy tho…


  6. New Store,Newbie Cashier,,,At least he took the time to converse with you…Anymore you’re lucky if they even say Hello…Regardless if the speak or not..I Always say Have a Nice Day.


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