Just One Word…..

In 1991, I got my first tattoo.  This was in the days before everyone had ‘ink’.   Back then, the only people you saw tattooed were bikers, ex-cons and sailors.  But I REALLY wanted a Tattoo.

So I got a teeny, tiny rose on the inside of my ankle….and I LOVED it.

I knew I wanted another one, but just never got ‘around to it’.   I thought about it often ~ when I’d see other tattoos, beautiful pictures of body art or a really cool song lyric would roll through my head.

And I knew I wanted it somewhere I could see it…so that took out about 1/2 my body as canvas.  When you take away my face and other ‘not so desirable’ places to have lots of tiny needles stuck in your skin for an hour, it boiled down to my arms, and legs.

I wanted to get a tattoo on my wrist ~ and I wanted just one word.  And so the search began.

I thought of every word I loved, all the words that meant something to me, that made me who I am, that summed up my thoughts and life and soul.  I drew on my arm, put on temporary tattoos and used sharpies to write scrolling letters, hoping something would jump out and say, “THIS IS IT!”

Yeah.  That never happened.

Years went by ~ no tattoo.   I told myself I’m DEFINITELY getting one….as soon as I figure out that elusive word I wanted inked permanently on my body.

Flash forward to 2014 ~ and my best friend’s 3oth birthday.  When we talked about what she wanted for the grand occasion, she was very quick with her answer, although maybe a little hesitant…..she said she wanted us to get tattoos together.

And I KNEW that I had the chance to make up my mind and finally get that 2nd tattoo…only 23 years after the 1st one.

Do you have ANY idea how many WORDS there are in the world….how many song lyrics, how many PICTURES of one word tattoos, and ideas and OMG PINTEREST!!  There are hundreds of THOUSANDS of pictures of tattoos on Pinterest and I spent HOURS looking at them all.

Then about 3 weeks ago, after spending HOURS looking again on Pinterest at all KINDS of body art, my eyes grew tired and I get up for something to drink.  As I poured my Sweet Tea, I glanced over at the dining room and there…..above the table…..was the sign I had made several years ago with the ONE word I used to describe myself.  A wave of emotion hit me as I KNEW that word was THE one.


My brain is scattered, my life is scattered, my thoughts, words, actions and laughter ~ it’s all scattered all over the place.  It’s the way I AM.  And you’ll never guess who gave me that words years ago when I was searching ~ Mac.  Just as I knew it was the perfect word then, I knew it was now.

But I wanted just a little bit more ~ and when I saw a feather with a writing tip on the end on one of the endless Pinterest searches, I decided to add that as well ~ I’ve loved words and writing all my life and it just seemed to fit.  (Of course, that moved it from my wrist to my arm.)

Yesterday was Tattoo day ~ Jamie at Artistic Pursuits did a fabulous job and I love it.

IMG_0437 IMG_0439 IMG_0442





















Now I’ve got to start thinking about my NEXT tattoo, but I’m not waiting 23 years this time 🙂

PS ~ The scattered sign I got years ago that served as my inspiration was created by the ever talented girls at Cocky Robins.

scattered sign






  1. Awesome Sasha, I got my first tat on my 50th B-day. Now mind you , I do have short arms but I have a hummingbird drinking out of a flower, then later on I added a dragonfly. It is on my forearm slightly below the elbow and down to my wrist. I said if I was going to go through getting a tatoo then I wanted people to see it. I am now 60 and wanting to get another one in memory of my late husband,although it requires a lot of thought to get the perfect one as you well know. I would post a picture but I am not computer savy and don’t understand the whole download upload thing lol. I love to see tat’s on people as long as they don’t go overboard, although who is to judge what going overboard is ????


  2. That’s Beautiful, Sasha! I got my “first” this past Dec. Took 3 sessions to finish. There is a heart shaped lock, about 9 different flowers, a skull, and a purple ribbon tying the key, wrapping around the flowers and back to the lock. Whew! They said I handled it better than most guys too! It starts at my collar bone, wraps around my bicep, and trails across my shoulder blade to my spine. Go Big or Go Home was my motto! Next year I hope to finish it with a steampunk pocket watch (with the gears showing) on my right bicep, I want a castle on my right shoulder blade, more flowers and a discarded tiara lying by the path thru the flowers. BTW. I’m 56 now.


  3. I got my first tat when my daughter left for college. Got me 2nd on my 50th day. Just got married and now I’m ready for my 3rd this will be a combined wedding gift and 54th day gift from my husband. P.s. I really like yours.


  4. BTW~I got my first tattoo in 1986..I was 20 now all these yrs later I have 5 and am getting one nxt month with my sister(infinity sister)one..can’t wait and I’m sure I’ll get more after that….lol….happy inking😍


  5. I got my first tattoo a couple of weeks ago. I got a big blue butterfly it’s gonna be sitting on a vine with the names of my family that has passed.. Its not finished yet.. I’m a big baby when it comes to pain and I got the tat on my ribs.. And my tat artist said I did better than most guys do.. If I can do it anyone can!! And p.s I love the tattoo you got.. Brilliant idea


  6. you buncha tattooed sluts (KIDDING!! couldn’t help myself) you almost got me convinced if some tattoo artist could integrate the spider veins on my thighs into a TreeOfLife design…


  7. I got my first tattoo in 1978 along with my girlfriend-our boyfriends at the time told us “GOOD” girls don’t get tattoos-so we had to prove them wrong-lol. It was a small crescent moon with a star on my shoulder. A few years later I added a bluebird and a rainbow of stars, I now have a 20 year old daughter with several tattoos and whose goal in life is to become a tattoo artist. Things sure have changed since then-lol.


    • Haven’t they?!! I know it wasn’t THE thing back then when I did it either…and people have ALWAYS been surprised to learn I had one, because it wasn’t easily seen if I was wearing pants or boots. BUT this one is VERY visible 🙂


  8. It’s amazing!!!!! I’ve often thought about getting a tatoo….however, I’m such a sissy! I’d do it if I could ever figure out where exactly I want the DOT to be that I’ll carry around forever….pretty sure I’d be done after the first pin prick. : )


    • Toni ~ ha! That’s funny. Yes, I knew it was going to hurt, but I think placement is important, too. There are sure lots of more tender places than others on a body. I figured, in the grand scheme of things, this was nothing 🙂


  9. I got my first one at 23. I kept getting them for different mile stones in my life. I also have my husbands name on my wrist, just like some other’s mentioned. It was the last one I got. I love your tattoo! I can’t wait to see what you get next!


  10. Can I PLEASE come visit with you??? I know you would fit in with my friends and myself because you are “scattered” and funny as all get out!!!!!


  11. love it!!! I just got my husbands name on my last wrist over the weekend…I am 50 and thought I was too “old” to get one. But I really love it and am proud of it 🙂


  12. Looks Awesome !! I was 54 when I got my first one, its a Pink Ribbon with Tribal markings .. I just looked up the meaning of your peacock feather, if it has the EYE like yours does it says:The eye on the peacock feather tattoo could mean that you are an open minded person – the one that looks at the world with eyes wide open, the one that is not afraid of challenges. On the other hand, in Egyptian, Roman and Greek mythology, the eye on the peacock feather is considered to be the “evil eye.” This is not always a bad thing – the “evil eye” symbols give the evil eye, as well as, protect the one who wears them. Sounds like you got the exact right one !! All seeing and protection for your Scattered Life 🙂


  13. Loved your post today. I have been thinking about getting my first one as homage to my beloved Yorkie who passed recently. Your post just moved me one step closer!


    • Thanks Kelly! She got a grouping of a feather, the word “Dreamer” and beautiful arrow thru the moon and some antlers with dangles hanging down. It was AMAZING!


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