Just in Case….

Three pairs of Jeans…..I took 3 pairs of jeans to the cabin for a 1 week vacation.  It’s important to note that I haven’t worn jeans 3 times in the last 2 months.  HELLO ~ It’s summer, I live in the South and it’s HAWT.  Really Hawt.

It’s also important to note that I have a knee-length denim skirt that I wear 3 out of 5 days in the summer….ok, 5 out of 5 days but I wash it at day 2.  Or 3.

So why would I pack 3 pairs of jeans, and a WHOLE lotta other crap for a week’s vacation? Because….Just in Case.

Yep, Just in Case has been kicking my packing butt forEVAH….and here’s proof.

When I was 17, between Junior and Senior year of High School, the stars aligned, the parents prayed, gas was $1.25 a gallon (and I weighed around 105 pounds).   Those facts converged and I made plans to go with my cousin to stay with her Grandmother for a month in Huntington, WV.

We packed up my little 2 seater sports car ($1000 in 1976 – big time!) with so much stuff, I wasn’t sure there would be enough room for us.  Luckily, we were mush smaller back then.  The suitcases barely fit in the trunk, but we shoved and pushed and crammed til everything was set.

We made it to WV, and to her Grandmothers, where I began unpacking what I THOUGHT I needed for a MONTH’S stay….JUST IN CASE.

I can still hear my cousins laughter while I was unpacking ~ but I think she laughed the hardest when I unpacked my prom gown and McDonald’s uniform.

You know…JUST IN CASE I needed a formal or a fast food uniform while we were there…..

I couldn’t find a picture of me in my prom dress (I didn’t look very hard) but it was surprisingly easy to find a picture of me in my McDonald’s uniform.  I’m not sure what that says about our photo storage, but suddenly I want a plain cheeseburger and diet coke.

I really LOVED the dark blue polyester one the best...
I really LOVED the dark blue polyester one the best…


Thanks for reading the gibberish I write ~ I really do appreciate it.  It’s even funnier if you’re drinking rum or whiskey (or just about any alcoholic beverage) while you’re reading it.  And if you really love it, be sure and share it on your facebook page, your website and public bathroom walls.  Cause mama always said you should share, right?  Cheers 😀


  1. Sasha, just in case is why I cruise out of Baltimore rather than flying to a ship. For a 6 day cruise I take morning, afternoon AND dinner clothes for each day. With coordinating shoes. And usually special underwear for each outfit. And hats. And jewelry. And vodka. LOTS OF VODKA!!!!!


    • Bobbi ~ Absoflippinlutely!! We cruised from ROME, I had a GIANT suitcase that was WAY over load limit, but I paid the extra cause..HELLO! We were gone for 12 days. Mac took one small suitcase. PLUS I had a make up suitcase, too! And always LOTS of alcohol!


  2. I always over pack….You neva know what your gonna need….LOL….and mine was a polyester brown and yellow(w some orange)burger king uniform with a stupid hat!!!Keep rocking your Glitterfied self Sasha!!


    • Oh those Polyester uniforms were SO bad….and yes, we had a hat, it was sorta a baseball type hat but was soft so it looked like some English guy had really bad taste and chose powder blue polyester without any form…bwahahaha ~ thanks girl!!!!


  3. oh gawd I laughed out loud reading this — and you’re STILL packing too much? …oh yeah I remember the prom dress


  4. Really Sasha? Always take shorts because it’s just to damm hot down here for jeans. I always take too much and never really wear anything I brought. Besides, you’ll never see those people again! Have a little sippy my friend!


    • Lori ~ I NEVER wear everything I take…and usually end up wearing the same thing half the time cause it’s on top of all the crap I packed – ha!


  5. I always just take one of everything and tell myself I can stop at a Wal-Mart if I end up needing extra. It’s not like I’m loaded or anything…but it’s Wal-Mart. I can find a pair of jeans for 12.95 in an emergency. 🙂 My older sister does it your way, though, and it works well for her, too.


  6. I do not know how to pack light, its just not in my make up, at 59 and 5 months I doubt I will ever learn so I do not try any longer


  7. yep…. for one overnight stay the hubby packs 1 change of clothes, and his slippers and toothbrush. I, on the other hand, need 2 travel bags and a beach bag to old everything…b/c ya never know if it’s gonna be hot or cold (altho living in Arkansas is usually hot) so I need to take the long pajamas and the short ones, and I won’t know til I get dressed if I want to wear boots or sandals or my Nikes, or the black shirt or the red one….and who knows..i might need 3 extra changes of underwear a different bra, plus a case of diet coke for the motel (who wants to pay vending machine prices and what if they have PEPSI instead of coke? oh the horror!!)


    • It’s VERY important to take everything….because really, who can make those major decisions BEFORE you get to where you’re going??? 😀


  8. Just two weeks ago, went on a beautiful trip to the gulf of mexico. It was gorgeous!!! I am a “just in case” packer also. My husband hates dragging those suitcases into the hotel. When he puts mine down, and i unzip it, and it explodes from the tension of all of in there! He kept asking, “why did you feel the need to pack an entire new pack of toothbrushes?” You know.. in case housekeeping decided to be pissy and used ours to scrub the toilet. Or some other turn of event! He informed me I was gross!! You just never know!!!


  9. What’s worse is when you have the ‘Just In Case’ phobia and are packing to take a trip on a motorcycle. I’m pretty sure a time or two all I lacked was granny sitting in a rocking chair on top of all the stuff I had.


  10. I think it starts when your Mom says never leave the house without clean underwear on. Makes you paranoid. Although I went on vacation to the beach one year for a week and forgot my own bathing suit.


    • Vicki ~ Oh I think we can definitely use that excuse…we’ve been overpacking our ENTIRE lives!! And you know, if buying a bathing suit wasn’t such a pain in the butt, it’d be a good thing to forget it-ha!


  11. Sasha, honey I need to tell you how to pack… my mother taught me and it has remained with me all these years….. The less you pack the more you get to buy once you get there !!!!! :)) Ok, I’m back to freezing cabbage with that food server thingy that has determined I don’t have a flippin clue what I’m doing so its going to join in the fun of creating ways to NOT SEAL or Suck just cause !! Hugs have a great weekend.


    • Rose…it’s a long trait of mine as well 🙂 And every time I think I’m gonna pack less, JUST IN CASE comes in and slaps a few other things in there 😀


    • Jeri ~ I know EXACTLY what you mean…and I LOVE “I need a carry on to go to Bojangles” 🙂 Mac travels with one suitcase, and almost often a carry on, when he travels every week. I think it’s the make up ~ at least that’s what I’m going with 😀


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