Did I seriously Just FAIL a test from a Magazine???

Good Housekeeping was kind enough to send me a list of 10 things I should have in my house if I’m over 30.  Since I’m 50, I felt SURE I would ace this test….it IS a test, right?

So, let’s see what they have…

1.  An Organized Bookshelf ~ I have a bookshelf.  There’s 86 National Geographic Magazines from the 1990’s on there, along with a really nice My Little Pony castle and ponies.  And ALL the stuff that My Little Pony Castles have….do you have any idea how LITTLE the crowns, cups, swings and brush is from My LITTLE PONY??

2.  Art You Love ~ I framed a picture Tater drew on a paper bag at a Bar-B-Que restaurant last summer and gave it to Mac for Christmas.  ‘Nuff said.


3.  Matching Towels ~ My towels match….not each other, but I’m sure they match towels SOMEONE has.  Unless no one has towels that have strings on the edges, a small bare patch in the middle of nearly every one, and varying degrees of thickness and thinness (is that EVEN a word)….DEAR GAWD, tell me YA’LL have towels like this….anyone?

4.  A Plant ~ Of course I have a plant.  It’s outside.  It’s called a Tree.

5.  A nice mattress and headboard ~ Well, we have a mattress and headboard.  The mattress only sags in the middle a little bit.  I really like sleeping in the middle, so it’s ok.  Unfortunately, Mac likes sleeping in the middle, too.  So, usually I’m clinging to the edge of the bed so I won’t roll down the deep crevice and smack Mac dead in the back.  Ok, we need a new mattress…

6.   A Collection ~ Are they Kidding?  I have so many collections I can’t even find them all.  Do you want to start with the dust collection, the shoe and pocket-book collection, or the Barbie collection…cause I am NOTHING if not multifaceted.  That’s a Fancy Word for ‘doing a lot of crap at the same time’ (a thinly veiled reference to Fancy Nancy….who I really want to look like when I grow up).

7.  Bathroom Accessories that aren’t Plastic ~ I was good right up until that whole “Plastic” part…

8.  A Favorite Candle ~ Ok, I WIN this one…whew!

9.  Two Bedside Tables ~ I have tables…..ok, I have ONE bedside table.  I was Soooo close, but they had to throw that OTHER table in there…

10.  A Luxurious Throw ~ First I wanted to make sure they weren’t talking about a baseball ‘throw’ because that would just be weird.  But I felt pretty good about my baseball throw and was hoping it could be considered ‘luxurious’.  No such luck.   Of course, they provided a beautiful picture…a white throw on a white couch, with white walls and a white fireplace.  Oh sure…that’s EXACTLY what my house looks like.  I’m pretty sure Tater’s snowman throw is luxurious…it’s really fuzzy ~ and THAT’s the same thing, right?

So, looks like I’m really 29…which is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying for years!


Thanks for reading my blog ~ if you want to leave a comment, I promise I’ll read it and respond because I LOVE comments.  And if you really love it, share it with your friends and have a margarita while you’re reading the blog out loud.  At the bar.  With other people near by.  It’s even FUNNIER then!  🙂 Cheers!


  1. my towels have matching hair dye marks…. does that count….dont do pot plants….but i do have a book shelf with books on it,,,,plus dust to keep them warm


    • Oh that DEFINITELY counts 🙂 And I think it’s very nice of you to have the dust keeping the books warm…shows how compassionate you are! Cheers 😀


  2. Girl, I couldn’t pass the friggin test either:) I turned 53 on 2-24-14. I’m up here in south-eastern Ohio freezing my butt off but enjoying your posts. The only one in my house that has a decent throw is miss Fee Fee the dog.:) We hide a couple matching towels for when we have company.. The ones we use are just what you described in your house:) I do enjoy a good cocktail with my girlfriends from time to time;) hope you keep smiling through life and God Bless..


  3. Matching towels…at the same time? Never. I hate plants. My favorite candle makes me gag and it’s only used after my dog farts. Oh lord, you make me smile! Have one for me, I just took a pain pill.


    • Lori ~ bwahahaha ~ I really am NOT a plant person, either..hence the Tree outside 🙂 and the dog farts…oh my Word ~ too funny!! And yep, I’m definitely having one ~ hope you are pain free and sleeping well soon!


  4. Sashes,
    I loved this one! I had the two beside tables! Ok to be honest they were my moms living room enables from the seventies/eighties. Ahhh…vintage throw back. Thats what I’ll go with. Oh and my throws are OkSU snuggles. Bought as a gag gift. Turned out joke was on me! Sweet! Thank you for the laughs!


    • Kim ~ Hey, vintage is FABULOUS now!! You are so ‘IN’! And I think I LOVE snuggies…oh wait! Tater loves them…Tater loves them…Tater loves them 🙂


  5. Wouldn’t it be great if possessing all those items made us self composed and mature…
    3. Matching Towels – that’s just funny
    4. A Plant ~ does a dead plant count?
    7. What tha hell is a “bathroom accessory”?? my plunger is not plastic so I passed this one
    8. A Favorite Candle ~ yeah, I saw it this morning in the junk draw, its my favorite when the lights go out
    9. Two Bedside Tables ~ OF COURSE I HAVE two milk crates!…
    10. A Luxurious Throw ~ ..it was so luxurious I ended up not using it cuz I didnt’ want dog hair on it…so I gave it to Goodwill


  6. So I’m thinkin I must be like 23 instead of 46……..I got nothing…could be the moving that we do and I hate moving furniture…..oh well at least now I still have lots of time to decide what i want to be when I grow up.


  7. Oh wow….we sound so much alike it’s scary! Who has time (not to mention the energy) for house beautiful! I’m definitely not the house keeper my mother was…but who really is these days? Kick back & have a margarita on me! Cheers


  8. Throw that damn magazine in the plastic waste basket in the bathroom!!! They must not have gotten the memo: WE ARE NOT STEPFORD WIVES!! Good Golly this calls for an early margarita!!!


    • Shirley ~ No kidding….I can’t possibly think they know what they’re talking about ! ha ~ and an early margarita is so on the menu…for tomorrow! Cheers!


  9. Sasha,your blogs and posts always put a huge smile on my face…love them…keep up the good work…have a great day!!! #Margarita time🍸soon…im orginally from north Carolina and girl i sure miss it…but i go back a few times a year…


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