Santa sure starts early

Holy all that is busy!  It’s been several days since my last post and geez!  I could offer lots of excuses but you know, Life Happens.  And I know you  know because you all LIVE it every stinkin’ day.  So, no excuses, just Life. Carrying on….

As  I was lying in bed at midnight, my brain was thinking about the last crazy week.  (Insomnia is a curse and a blessing:  a curse because I only get 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night and when they say 8 hours of beauty sleep is needed, they ARE NOT kidding.  A blessing because I get lots more done at night when it’s quiet and everyone ELSE is asleep.)  I was thinking back on this crazy few days and remembered going into the craft store for a picture frame and seeing All the CHRISTMAS STUFF!   WTH Santa?  You need MONTHS to prepare?

I know, I know…for everyone that makes tons of crafts for the holidays you need a little more time to get all that done. (I decided to make gifts for everyone one Christmas.  I found the cutest little designs and thought, “Yes!  I can do this!”  So on December 20th, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some string, glue, felt, ribbon, paper, and scissors.  Everyone got gift cards.)

I’ve been crafty before (WAIT!  I don’t think that’s the same thing!) so I get it ~ it takes lots of TIME to plan (my downfall), make Purchases (ahem…maybe that’s a downfall, too), Prepare (OK~THAT’S my real problem) and then actually Make (Oh, for Gawd’s sake…what do you want from me?) all those fabulous hand-made gifts. And I really do love the gifts I’m given that are handmade…most of the time.

But I’m feeling kinda bad for October and November.  Halloween gets a few aisles around the middle of September and there are lots of ghoulish things.  But November and Thanksgiving totally get screwed!  You might see a plastic or papier-mache turkey around, maybe a platter to pile all that turkey on or some pumpkins hanging around waiting to be carved into perfection (who am I kidding…our pumpkins look like something hacked to death with a pitchfork).

So let’s hear it for November!  The sad little month that has so much to offer (who doesn’t love Thanksgiving!!  ALL THAT FOOD! ALL THOSE DESSERTS!! ALL THAT  TURKEY!! ALL THOSE DESSERTS!!) but no one notices cause that big fat man in the red suit is taking up all the space.  We should all demand equal attention for November ~ wear our fall leaf-covered sweaters and green corduroys in unison and add layers of orange in our hair…YES!  We Will OverCome!

….somewhere,  a turkey is planning my demise and secretly thanking it’s lucky stars no one thinks too much about Thanksgiving… if you find my body with a stray feather close by, you’d better look for the turkey.

This is the turkey that will sooo do me in!


  1. what we british really celebrate over here in november is bonfire night…yep what brings us all together is to celebrate the life of guy fawkes who tried to blow up the houses of parliament.yes we put up bonfires make guys to burn on top of them,drink lots of soup while in the rain watching fireworks..yes no celebration would not be deemed right with out the rain dripping down the back of your neck while watching the display.


  2. i went out for a meal last saturday..and in the pub..the christmas tree and and the ceiling decorations was up..we dont have thanksgiving over here but we do have the kids harvest festivals to sit through and to donate all the cans that you dont need..or thought that looks interesting..but never got around to opening/ celebrate the harvest being harvested..or u could say sheer torture listning to violins screeching through songs singing about bouncy cabbages…bring on the christmas carols i the least the teachers bribe..i mean show their appreciation of us mothers by leaving chocolates on our chairs


  3. I worked retail for six years. Every year Christmas decorations were put up earlier and earlier until last year. The store had decorations up on September first!!! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve always felt bad for thanksgiving too. I love pigging out! Maybe one day people will get tired of Christmas… Never mind that will never happen! Especially in the south.


  4. Here! Here! I agree. Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year, and it doesn’t get nearly the celebration it should. I’m guessing it’s mostly because the retailers haven’t figured out how to make more money off of it. No costumes to buy, no gifts to give, no majorly fun decorating. Unless dressing up like Pilgrims becomes the new cool thing to do, Thanksgiving will most certainly always get outshined by Halloween and Christmas.


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