Do Not Disturb!

I’m an insomniac.  I roam around the house in the darkness, never wanting to wake Mac and the Tater, but wishing I could fall asleep and stay asleep.  Drugs?   Eh, not so much for me.  Warm Milk?  YUCK.  Margaritas?  Well, of course, but that doesn’t work either.

But last night, at 2:00 am?  The Tater crawled into bed with us. This doesn’t happen often, only once in a while so it’s nothing we freak out about.

But last night?  I didn’t hear a thing.  Didn’t wake up. Didn’t semi-consciously realize she was in bed.

And in case you think she was a little stealth, and tiptoed in, remember she’s 5….there’s nothing stealth about her.

No, she ran into the room (I’m guessing – I was asleep and she ALWAYS runs), came to my side of the bed, had to crawl over me (no easy feat by itself), get her pillow situated (Mac sleeps with a pillow under his arm – HER pillow), get her stuffed doggie just right, get under the covers, snuggle up to us and go to sleep.


Of course that’s not me…who looks like that when they sleep? Geez!

I woke up this morning to Mac saying it was time to get up and him getting the Tater up out of our bed.  “When did she get in our bed?”

“Around 2:00 this morning…didn’t you hear her?”

“Ummm, sure….yea, I heard her….”

Now 2 things have occurred to me…..

#1 – I was ASLEEP.  TOTALLY asleep. So asleep I didn’t even budge when a 40 pound child climbed over me and proceeded to wreck havoc in our bed.

#2 – if anyone out there needs sleeping space, apparently it’s ok to bunk with us because it won’t bother me one bit.  You just have to wait until 2:00 am to show up.  I’ll leave the light on for ya….


  1. yep i remember those days as well…now i have my 22 year old daughter that comes home at 4 in the morning to sit on the edge of my bed to tell me that shes home….i tell her to go to bed and tell me later in the morning…. and ps i heard she fell up the stairs,,,and walked in to airing cupboard door


  2. Loved the posting and your blog. I remember the days of my kids doing this in the middle of the night. We always had a Chihuahua around. For some reason they do not like kids doing this and will bark/yak to let ya know! 🙂


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