Clean Your Bathroom!

Hey You!  Yes – You!  The one with a profile pic on Facebook of you standing in your bathroom, with your camera in front of you, taking your own picture.

Dumbass.  Guess what? It’s a terrible picture.  The flash goes off, no one can see your head and your bathroom is dirty.

By the way….is that the ONLY mirror you have in your home?  Cause of all the places I can think of in my home to take my picture, the bathroom isn’t the 1st place I think of….just wondering….

The ones I love most have the counter in view.  I get to see makeup, toothpaste, tampons and a dirty sink.  And I love the UGLY, ratty, beat up, torn shower curtain you have, too.  Lovely, just lovely.  And it’s just extra special when there are clothes or towels hanging over the shower curtain rod, too.

Oh no, the ones I really love most are the ones taken in a Public Bathroom!  You get to see 3 stalls and you know what’s behind Doors number 1, 2 and 3?  Yep, toilets!! YEAH! I get to see lots of toilets in your Profile Pic.  Viewed by hundreds of people.  Niiiiiccceee!

THIS IS NOT ME! I am not a blonde….

Hey, here’s an idea!  Go SOMEWHERE ~ anywhere, and stand in front of something other than your bathroom.  You know, like a fountain, a park, a tree, a pig.  Anything. Then ask some STRANGER to take your picture. Ask a mom, an old lady, a couple, Hell even ask the cute girl/guy that’s walking by.  But for the love of Digital cameras, ASK someone else to take your picture!  They will take your picture.  They will even take another one if the 1st one doesn’t look really good. (But really, when you compare it to your bathroom picture, it will look much better.)

And then, post that picture on your profile!  YES, you will be viewed by 10, 20, maybe even hundreds of people and you won’t be seen as a dumbass that can’t find ANYONE to take a picture and you won’t be considered pathetic by those viewing your picture because you have no friends you can ask for a quick photo shoot.

Wow!  You can thank me later.


  1. So freakin’ true! Amen! I love those dirty bathrooms that look like a crack den (sorry about that). People are idiots and do not realize that there nasty bathrooms are also in the picture.


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