Ready to Giggle & Snort?

The Giggle & Snort Tour is Coming to Town!

Giggle & Snort Event Cover
Well, not just any town, or even lots of towns.  It’s pretty much just coming to Hickory, NC right now but WOW!  It’s gonna be a BLAST!

So, what EXACTLY is a Giggle & Snort Tour?  I have answered that question about a million times over the last few months, and I thought I should go ahead and answer it here, too.

Margarita paintingBeginning on Friday, July 15 with Laughing with Lola Paint Night, we’ll be painting a Margarita glass on an 8×10 canvas.  There will be dinner served, which will include tea, but you are welcome to BYOB!  The cost for Friday night’s event is $35…INCLUDING dinner!

Tour Flyer in purpleOn Saturday afternoon, July 16, we’ll gather for some FUN! We’ll be at the Hickory Tavern and we’ll just be Giggling & Snorting.  There will be a goody bag for everyone, door prizes GALORE, a photo booth (Mac is making it JUST for us!!!), my shop with lots of discounted items (HEY ~ No shipping!), and a whole lot of hugs, smiles and chats.  The cost for the Giggle & Snort event is $11 and that’s entrance to the event.  You’ll be able to purchase food and drink at the Tavern.

Sunday, July 17, we’ll be gathering at Golden Corral for a going away Breakfast, because really, we cannot leave without bacon, biscuits and coffee.  You’ll purchase your meal at Golden Corral.

There’s even a Tour Hotel that has a discounted rate for us!

So, THAT’s what the Giggle & Snort Tour is….you might STILL not know EXACTLY what’s going on, but that’s ok, because I don’t either.

You can purchase tickets and find out more stuff here!

Can’t Wait to see you in Hickory in July!  And you never know where I might take the tour next year ~ but FIRST, I gotta see how THIS one goes 😉


    • Diane, I’ve tried to respond by email twice, but the email keeps being rejected by your server. Can you send me a message on Facebook 🙂


  1. Sasha! When will the two cites be mailed? I was wondering and if they will be numbered? As I bought the first two, I wanted mine to be #1 and #2!

    Sherry Bass

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    • Hi Sherry!! The tickets will be emailed by July 10th and you can either print them off or bring your smart phone and show that at registration…and yep, they’ll be numbered!! 😀


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