Wanted: People Skills!

Warning:  Mini Rant ’bout to happen!

What is it about McDonald’s employees that keeps them from being human?  Is it too much to ask that they do more than grunt when you step up to the register, order, decide, pay and then leave.  (I know, I know… I shouldn’t be eating there anyway, but I’m a McDonald’s kid and grew up eating there.  Some days I just really want a cheeseburger and famous fries.) GEEZUS!  Get your hair out of your eyes, pull up your pants and stop scratching whatever it is that itches while you pretend to be a productive member of society.

Whatever happened to “May I help you?”…..honestly, that doesn’t seem like it should be hard to say!  Just open your mouth and say those words. They are all words that you’ve said before (but obviously not together), and they are words you know.  Just staring at me when I stand before you isn’t doing it.  And it just makes me want to wait longer to start talking (Hey!  You go first!  NO!  You go first!)

AND, when there are 5 employees standing behind the counter DOING NOTHING and I walk up to the register ONE OF YOU should wander over to see if you can help me.  If I could just get the food myself I would, but that would start another little issue, so we won’t go there (although I have stepped behind the counter for coffee many, many times….often without anyone even noticing).

Now, with all that said, I have to say this:  I know you are only doing what you are allowed to do.

Great, I just made myself realize I need to rant and rave at the manager that trains these lovely people because OBVIOUSLY they haven’t trained a single one of them.

Ok, I feel better.  Carry on.


  1. The younger generation seems to have lost all perception of what “customer service” actually is, and the proper way to use it. The other day I had a grocery store cashier say, “do you need your milk in a bag?” I almost said, “No, I don’t NEED my milk in a bag; however, I would prefer it that way, thank you!” Geesh!!!!


    • No kidding….and as much as I’d like not to generalize, the customer service issues do seem to usually be with younger people. I just don’t think they realize the importance of PERSONAL service. If only they’d look up, look at me and speak to me…the mumbling drives me crazy, too!


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